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zFilter & zFlare krpano plugin

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krpano webGL filter plugin

zFilter is a postpocessing WebGL shader plugin for dynamic effects on your panorama image, layers and hotspots. It allows you to add visual effects for startup intros, scene changes, information popups, etc. Setting or tweening simple attributes adjusts the brightness, saturation or blurs your panorama, layers or hotpots!

  • adjustment shaders gamma, brightness, contrast,
    exposure, hue, saturation, vibrance, sepia and mixcolor

  • blurring with blur and fblur (fastblur) !

  • vignette and color blending !

  • fun shaders swirl, pixelate, ripple, split and sobel !

  • filter and background filter support for layers and hotspots !

  • improved editor and live examples

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Compatibility / Requirements / Limitations

  • krpano 1.20 or newer, html5 + webgl only! (Flash is not supported)

  • zFilter works on panorama images and on hotspots with renderer=webgl

  • Layer and hotpot filters support a limited set of effects and require renderer=css3d

  • Support for layer and hotpot filters is experimental, more infos here

  • Support for true webVR is experimental

  • zFilter is tied to your krpano license (needs a registered version of krpano)

krpano Lens Flare plugin

zFlare is a lensflare plugin to enhance the visual effect of your panorama images.

  • zFlare is a pure javascript plugin for a minimal performance impact !

  • supports mobile webvr and true webvr!

  • is very simple to use ! two lines to add the plugin and a flare.

  • you can design your own lensflares !

  • can get extended by the zFilter plugin for extra filter effects !

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Compatibility / Requirements / Limitations

  • krpano 1.20 or newer, html5 + webgl only! (Flash is not supported)

  • zFlare is tied to your krpano license (needs a registered version of krpano)


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  • Offering your licensed plugins to third parties on a hosting platform is not allowed without a separate hosting license. In such cases (e.g. integration in content management services) please contact: support@refraction.ch

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